Which Country Has the Best Air Force ?

5.) China

China’s air force has a total of 2,942 different aircrafts. It contains 1,230 fighters and interceptors. It has 1,385 fixed-wing attack aircrafts, 782 transport aircrafts, 352 trainer aircrafts, 802 helicopters and 200 attack helicopters. People’s Liberation Army Air Force was officially launched on November 11th, 1949. It is known as the largest air force in all of Asia, and it is actually more well known for coming up with some of the most dangerous self-reliance combat aircrafts. In this day and age, the Chinese air force provides a lethal method in the modern arena of air striking. After the demise of USSR, Russia would become China’s main arms suppliers.

 4.) U.K.

 The U.K.’s air force contains a total of 879 aircrafts. It has 91 fighters and interceptors, 168 fixed-wing attack aircraft, 337 transport aircraft, 330 trainer aircraft, 348 helicopters and 49 attack helicopters. The Royal Naval Air services and Royal Flying Corps came together to develop the Royal Air Force Emblem on April 1st, 1918.Royal Flying Corps is known as one of the most electronically intelligent and reliable air forces in the whole entire world. It has been in existence longer than any other independent air force in the world which and is known for its well thought-out bombing strategy.

3.) Israel

Israel’s air force contains 681 aircrafts in total. It has 243 fighters and interceptors, 243 fixed-wing attack aircrafts, 101 transport aircrafts, 245 trainer aircrafts 143 helicopters and 48 attack helicopters. A short time after Israel declared its independence, the Israeli Air Force was founded on May 28th, 1948. It is known to be one of the most technologically advanced air forces on the planet. Israel has always stayed alert and has always been prepped to defend against any potential oncoming attacks. Equipped with Boeing F-15 E Strike Eagle and a swarm of fighter, patrol, trainer and transport aircrafts, Israel is one country that no one would ever think to try to fight.

2.) Russia

Russia possesses 3,547 aircrafts in total. It has 751 fighters and interceptors, 1,438 fixed-wing attack aircrafts, 1,124 transport aircrafts, 370 trainer aircrafts, 1,237 helicopters and 478 attack helicopters. In May of 1992, the great disintegration of the Soviet Union would occur because of this, the Russia air forces were founded. These air forces would soon become one of the strongest air forces in the world. The attributes of Russian air power are still  unknown to this very day, however what is known is that the Russian Air Forces has the power to operate in any kind of climate.

1.) U.S.

The Unites States of America has a whopping 13,444 aircrafts in total. It holds 2,308 fighters and interceptors, 2,785 fixed-wing attack aircrafts, 5,739 transport aircrafts, 2,771 trainer aircrafts, 6,084 helicopters and 957 attack helicopters. The United States Air Forces was founded on September 18th, 1947. This air force contains THE most technologically sophisticated aircrafts and its employees are trained better than any other personnel throughout the world. The U.S. Air Force supplies air support for surface force and always is there to assist in any potential recovery of troops.

Get a glimpse of the US Air Force basic military training boot camp by watching the video below!